Week 38.4

Week 38 started like this:


And then on day four…the shiz got real:

13:00 : To try to “naturally” induce labour, account the gestational diabetes, my OB does a “stretch & strip”…it does nothing most of the time but doesn’t hurt to try.

23:00 : all the Braxton Hicks I usually get in the evenings have gotten more uncomfortable and omg, there’s bloody show. I was in early stages of labor.

23:30 : We go to bed, or rather, Skywalker does, because the contractions have started to actually hurt so I’m out of bed and pacing and timing the waves.

03:00 : Contractions are 5 min apart and lasts 1 min each…equivalent to 6-8 slow yoga style breaths. Skywalker wakes and notices I’m not in bed.

04:00 : Contractions are 4 min apart, we call the OB group who then confirms we could head to the hospital

04:30 : At the hospital waiting for assessment.

05:00 : Nurse assesses and says I’m only 1 cm dialated. I’m shocked after so long that there’s been so little progression and am worried I’ll get sent home. My water breaks. Now they can’t send me home.

05:30 : Formally admitted to hospital. Contractions stronger and closer together.

10:00 : Contractions are 2 min apart lasting 1 min each. Skywalker is getting a work out doing counter pressure on my hips. Assessed again and was only 3 cm dialated. I’m exhausted and shocked at lack of progression. It took 11 hrs from when contractions started getting painful to get to 3 cm. How long will it take to get to 10 cm? Will I even have energy to push after that? An epidural is suggested and I agree. I wanted to rest.

10:30 : Epidural connected and oxytocin drip in place

11:00 : World is a happier place

14:00 : Fully dialated!

14:30 : Pushing starts

16:30 : Assessed and discover baby hasn’t moved down one bit. Senior OB called in to assess. Said baby should fit and doesn’t seem obstructed so it’s concerning there’s been no movement down. Recommends forceps but chance will need emergency C-section

17:00 : Skywalker and I discuss that although things haven’t gone as we hoped, we ultimately want what’s best for baby & my health. The longer we wait could mean a higher chance of an emergency C-section…so we agree to the OB’s recommendations

17:30 : Prepped for the OR

One day old

April 18, 2014 Good Friday evening at 18:12 : Two contractions, forceps and an episiotomy later, a wide-eyed, crying baby girl was placed on my tummy. She is healthy and beautiful. =D Praise the Lord.


And now, she is already four weeks old. Time passes too quickly.

Week 36 – Home stretch

Do you like how the bump is starting to hang below my pant line like a beer belly?

It’s April, which means, in all likelihood, this is THE month that Baby will arrive. I’m due on the 29th so there is a slight chance of Baby being late. But coupled with the issues insulin dependent moms might face, I don’t know how likely it’ll be they’ll let me carry past the due date. We’ll see though. My sugars have been doing very well and fetal monitoring has shown Baby to be quite active and healthy. Praise God! The doctors are now saying it doesn’t look like they’ll need to induce me, but still caution that in this last month, anything can change. So, we keep trying to be healthy and praying for this last leg of the pregnancy to go well. (Thank you for all the prayers Baby and I have already received!!)

The hospital bag is pretty much packed. We still don’t have a nursery…but a bassinet will be arriving on Sunday. I told Skywalker I’d totally be okay if our baby slept in a cardboard box the first month. If the Finnish babies do it, so can we! =D We’ve been passed several bags of baby stuff, for which we are immensely thankful (my goal was to buy as little as possible), so I think we’ve got the minimum requirements for the next little while.

While the external preparations are coming together, Skywalker and my internal preparation doesn’t feel as ready. I know I know, you can never be totally ready to be parents. A girl friend reminded me that parenthood isn’t something you can study, take the exam and then pass. It’s a day by day, year by year journey of figuring things out and learning and making mistakes and trying again. We have questions like, “How do we develop good character in a child…even starting as an infant?” or “How do we keep being the best spouse we can be instead of making it all about the baby?” or “What reward/consequence model should we use to best prepare them for real life?” Another friend said while those were great questions, “How will I make it through the night with my sanity?” is probably more realistic for the next couple months. Wise friend. =)

A step at a time, a step at a time.

Week 31

Week31.jpgHere’s the Week 31 bump. =)

I’ve had to increase my insulin dosage…which is a good thing. It means the placenta is growing with Baby and producing more hormones that make me more resistant to my own insulin. I’ve also developed a kind of pregnancy eczema on the underside of my belly…super itchy at different times of the day. My doctor just recommended some mild hydro-cortisone cream twice a day to manage it.

And, that day has arrived, I found stretch marks on me belly. *sigh* I was secretly hoping I might be an exception but really, it’s a genetic thing. I can rub all the oils and creams on it I want but if my Mom had stretch marks, I’ll probably have similar. And so they didn’t disappoint…as much as I wouldn’t have minded if they didn’t show up.

The achy hips thing is also going on. The body is producing ligament relaxing hormones in preparation for the trauma of delivery, which is starting to loosen the ligaments in my pelvis (actually, all ligaments in the body). I notice the pain most when I need to turn in bed while sleeping. The torque on my hips makes them quite tender. This relaxing hormone is also the cause of our feet to get bigger too. Permanently I hear. Well, it’ll be a good excuse to get new shoes. =) With the loosened joints however, it’s super important pregnant ladies are extra careful when moving about. While we might be a little more flexible in some ways, we’re also more prone to injury. Particularly as we carry an extra ball of weight off the tummy, throwing off our center of gravity. So don’t rush and be sure of your steps Mommas!

Gettin’ in the way

The Bump is sufficiently big enough to get in my way now:

  • Putting on pants or socks or shoes – I can’t just lift my leg up and put things on…I have to lift my knees out to the side else my foot can’t come close enough to my short arms for me to put pants/socks on. With shoes I have to squat/kneel down and put my shoe on beside me instead of in front of me. Because I also can’t see over my bump.
  • Bending over bathroom sinks – I have to stand farther away from the sink when I brush my teeth because the bump is awkwardly in the way when I bend forward. Makes my back quite tired.
  • Reaching for things on counters – Again…the bump probably shortens my reach by about eight inches. Sometimes I turn sideways so that my waist is against the counter instead of the bump but I still can’t bend as well as before. Good thing Skywalker has long arms. And there’s always step stools.
  • Squeezing out of my car in a tightly parked spot – It used to be that if my head could make it through the space, the rest of me would too. Well…no longer. I have to re-park the car if I find I can’t get out.
  • Squeezing past people or things – Yup, can’t do it. I just stand there and let people move around me first.
  • Closing the door in front of my face – I’ve accidentally hit the bump a couple times because I forgot it was there. Sorry Baby! I know to stand an arm’s length away from swinging doors now.

Week 30.5


I forgot to update but here it is, my Week 30 bump! I seem to be carrying pretty low….guesses from most people are that we have a boy. We’ll see in about 10 weeks! (omg…only 10 weeks to go)

Actually, on that note, my doctor advised that because I’m insulin dependent, there will likely be additional stress/complications if I don’t deliver soon after week 37. So if that doesn’t happen naturally, they will look at inducing before week 40. I’m all for minimizing complications, but the thought of being induced makes me a little nervous too. On the other hand, then we’ll know exactly which day Baby will come. I have another ultrasound in a couple weeks which will provide more information about what’s going to happen. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, controlling sugars has become more routine. As the placenta grows, it produces more hormone that makes me more resistant to insulin, so my injection dosage is slowly creeping up. I’ve also discovered that going for Shanghai food is a bit torturous considering how nearly everything is carb based. But it’s SO GOOD. Last time, I ate one shiao long bau, 1/3 cup Shanghai noodles, half a bun of some sort and that exceeded my carb quota already. Veggies and meat are free for all’s but usually you have to eat the meat with rice or something because there’s so much sauce (which is heavy on the sugar too). And then there’s dishes made with glutinous rice. Oh man. Needless to say I was still hungry afterwards.

Just a couple more months.
(omg it could be as early as just 7 more weeks!)