Jack of all Trades

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…and Master of None

That’s how I feel. I completed three semesters of Sciences. Have a degree in Commerce. And a degree in Fine Arts. Worked for six years in Information Technology. I could do an MBA or MFA or MDiv or take furniture reupholstery courses if I wanted. What is my career path? I’ve always quipped that I’m either really well rounded, or really confused.

I’m really comfortable where I’m at. My job is mostly secure. It pays well enough. I get to work from home. So many people would LOVE to have this. And I know this has been part of God’s abundant blessing to me…I am VERY thankful. Yet…a little restlessness stirs. Lil Pea and Skywalker have told me, several times, they feel I’m not using my full creative potential where I’m at. I’m not passionate. Frankly, I don’t know many who would be passionate about running queries. But do you have to be passionate about what you do in order to be considered in the “right” job? I see a job as a means to an end. It allows me to do things I enjoy. If it ever became a job I hated, then I’ll change. But like I said….I’m really comfortable right now.

Except where that restlessness stirs.

I know it’s fear. I’m not 24 with years ahead to figure things out. I’m in my thirties. We’re thinking of starting a family as my health is beginning to look promising. This really doesn’t seem like the time to go back to school or do something drastic that may cut extended health benefits and a good maternity leave pay. Yet a number of people have also told me that taking the leap out of their current blah-but-ok job into the unknown has been the best career move they’ve ever made. I respect and admire them for making the leap. I just don’t know if I could do it.

You’ve read how my “job hunt philosophy” came to be in the Brokenness Series…but basically, I’ve taken to just doing well where I am, and letting God open the next door I’m to go through. If Life was a deck of cards waiting for me to pull the next card out…I would close my eyes and ask God to pick a card for me. Sounds pretty passive. And maybe that’s where the restlessness speaks to as well…that it’s time to make an active decision?

“What would you rather be doing?” I don’t know. I really don’t know.
I just hope I’ll recognize it when that opportunity shows up.

New Year Blessing

And during the New Year may you have:

enough happiness to keep you sweet – enough trials to keep you strong
enough sorrow to keep you human – enough hope to keep you happy
enough failure to keep you humble – enough success to keep you eager
enough friends to give you comfort – enough wealth to meet your needs
enough enthusiasm to make you look forward to tomorrow and
enough determination to make each day better than the day before

Melvin Newland

Teach us to number our days,
that we may gain a heart of wisdom.
May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us;
establish the work of our hands for us—
yes, establish the work of our hands.

Psalms 90:12,17

Only Just Begun

And here we are….in beautiful (rainy) British Columbia!

I must start out with HUGE THANKS to family for all their incredible help in this moving process. My SIL and her husband helped us clean, pack and load our vehicles. My parents helped drive our stuff to BC, unload and especially my Mom, helped unpack the kitchen. (Which is now chocked full.) We are so so SO grateful to them, so blessed by their love, and will definitely miss them.

As for our “stuff”…I thought we had brought 2/3 of our goods down in the first move last month. Well, we didn’t. Those closets and cupboards hold deceptively WAY MORE than you’d imagine. We had to leave some boxes behind as a result…but it really just revealed to much how much we have. And how much we don’t need. I think we might do another purge at the condo….we probably need to.

So, the drive down on Sunday was better than expected. It started out looking grim as snow was falling the morning of our departure. Highway 16 was slick with a sheen of water ice on the asphalt. But by the time we reached Hinton and Jasper, the ice was gone and there was just rain through to Valemount, BC. And then it was dry roads the rest of the way! Praise God.

By the time we reached our condo and finished unloading…it was pouring rain. Of course. It was also near midnight Pacific time…which is 1am Mountain time. By the time I found my toiletries in the mountain of our belongings, it was 1am Pacific. I was started to feel nauseous and light headed. And cold. And ill. This moving thing has definitely taken its toll…

But we’re here! We’ll take stock of our surroundings…find ways to fit everything into every nook and cranny…oh, and buy food so we can eat. Things have only just begun.


Another year older…

I got a personalized Google doodle today! That’s pretty cool….and a little creepy. But I’ll take it!

So it’s another year…
I squint at the wrinkles threatening to break loose. I sigh over the growing numbers of greys. I poke and pull at the parts that seem to hang lower than I remember. I ponder what I’ve got to show for the time I’ve been given thus far. I try not to compare with those who seem to have gotten more done. But mostly, I praise God for the road He’s given me to run…both valleys and hills. I am rich in His abundant gifts. I am blessed and I am thankful!

Looking ahead…I don’t know what’s around the bend or over the next rise. But my eyes are lifted to the hills and horizon. I know where my Help comes from. He is my Shepherd, I lack nothing. He will not let my foot slip and will watch over my coming and going both now and forevermore. I fear not. My cup overflows. May I be found stronger and more faithful in Christ.

And so, I look forward to it.