Day in the Life

First week ::

12am : feed baby & change diaper
1am : sleep
3:30am : feed baby & change diaper
4:30am : eat something and then sleep
7am : feed baby & change diaper
8am : drink something and then sleep
10:30am : feed baby & change diaper
11:30am : trying to get baby to nap
1:30pm : baby finally napping and you want to as well but are also really hungry so you eat and then sleep
4pm : feed baby & change diaper
5pm : remember to brush your teeth and then sleep
7:30pm : feed baby & change diaper
8:30pm : start eating dinner, feed baby & check diaper
9:30pm : feed baby & check diaper
10:30pm : finish eating dinner, feed baby & change diaper
11:30pm : feed baby & check diaper
12am : start all over again

I don’t think I managed to shower until day 6…sacrificed some sleep for that.

Things are better now, 6 weeks later ::

12am : feed baby & change diaper
1am : sleep
5am : feed baby & change diaper
6am : drink something and then sleep
9am : feed baby & change diaper
10am : eat a bite of breakfast or drink some milk, brush teeth and then sleep
12:30pm : feed baby & change diaper
1:30pm : try to get baby to nap, trying to eat lunch
2:30pm : still trying to get baby to nap, still eating lunch
3:30pm : feed baby & change diaper
4:30pm : baby finally napping so you finish lunch and also nap
7:30pm : feed baby & change diaper
8:30pm : start eating dinner but baby is fussing and not sleeping
9:30pm : feed baby & check diaper
10:30pm : finish eating dinner, feed baby & change diaper
11:30pm : feed baby & check diaper
12am : start all over again

Now during baby nap times I can either nap or eat or shower or check email or do laundry or cook something…whether in the morning or afternoon. But I have to get one good nap in myself to function else I’m exhausted. Supposedly babies can happily & healthily sleep through the night (8hr+) by around 7-10 weeks and that’s my goal! Crossing my fingers.

Still Sparky

(Image from

Last week I wrote about what that initial “spark” is when you meet someone you feel attracted to. It’s a high. It’s a rush.

You get together. Get married.

And then I hear how couples barely talk to each other a few years into marriage. Or how couples don’t care to spend time together because they’ve got their own things going on in their lives….they’re just sharing the house now. Or how any conversation is only about the groceries, the bills, the weekly schedule or the kids. Or how “date night” is going to a dinner where each are on their respective smart phones through the meal, followed by a movie in a dark theatre shared by a hundred other strangers where the only thing you hold isn’t his/her hand but your bag of popcorn and drink. It honestly makes me a little sad when I see it.

One husband with two young ones commented to us that since we’ve only been married two years, we’re still in the “honeymoon” and romance kind of phase but that in a few years we’re not going to care so much what the other person is up to. Will still love them, but just not care so much.

I’m a little alarmed by this…is that going to be us??? I don’t want to become that comfortable, but kinda emotionally disconnected couple. I want to always find things that “spark” between us. I want to make sure there’ll be moments of feeling melty inside…for the rest of our lives. I’m pretty sure I’m not a hopeless romantic so this goal isn’t unreasonable is it? Any thoughts or comments from those married longer than two years?

I asked Skywalker what still makes him feel the spark now. He said, “The Holy Spirit.” JUST KIDDING. He said, “I love that we can have fun and be silly together and you’re hot.” *melty* How about you?

I said, “I love how you make me laugh, that we can ‘play’ together and how sometimes with one look from you, I can get weak-knees.

Yeah…hope we’ll always be a little sparky. Long into Golden years of being wrinkled and grey.

Lost Time

I think about the years I spent just passing through
 I'd like to have the time I lost and give it back to you
 But you just smile and take my hand
 You've been there you understand
 It's all part of a grander plan that is coming true

~ Bless the Broken Road, Rascal Flatts

We chose this song for the registry signing and Sand Pouring segment of our wedding ceremony. It was hard to find something that wasn’t over-used, cliche, or overly romantic. Our relationship wasn’t really “romantic”. First it was nearly all long distance so for a “date” we’d have dinner together via webcam. And second, we’re both very practical so the relationship was more “real”. For example, when visiting each other we’d do more everyday life things like buy groceries together…not that we didn’t do fancy dinners and romantic excursions at all, just far less than we hear about from dating friends.

We also had a short courtship in our culture’s eyes…dated a mere 8 months before getting engaged, then another 9 months before getting married. We were both in our early 30’s when we married….and at this age, you know what you’re looking for so when you see it, you act on it. Honestly though, I do wish we could have taken the wandering, wilderness years to give to being with one another instead. Sometimes I look at couples who married in their mid-twenties with a little bit of wistful envy.

Lucky them, they found each other earlier. They can enjoy a few years of the DINK (double income no kids) life and not feel biologically rushed about having children.

I think of how we’ve actually been to two of our mutual friends weddings over the years but never met…and I wonder. But I know this timing is part of God’s plan. Frankly, we both know if we did meet earlier, Skywalker wouldn’t be the man I admire and respect and I wouldn’t be the woman he fell in love with. A lot of gut-wrenching, heart-breaking and faith-shifting things happened in both our lives through our mid-late twenties. There were lessons to learn, hearts to mend and spirits to strengthen. So, the time it took for us to get here was necessary. I thank God for it!

But sometimes………….I still wish.